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Make Heat Pumps Smarter

Instant Visibility

See your heat pump usage (kWh) and consumption cost (€) at any moment

Automated Notifications

Our software automatically detects unnecessary consumption

More Control

Take control of your heat pump and start saving energy

Helping homeowners switch heat pumps for the 2040 zero carbon target

Smarter Heat Pump is a product initiated by the government of The Hague to support the reduction of gas usage in house holds. Their ambitious target is to have zero carbon (no gas) in all homes by 2040.

Product partnership

Sustainable Buildings and the municipality of The Hague are working together to bring this smart solution to the market.
The partnership was initiated by the Startup in Residence The Hague program at ImpactCity.

How it works


Hardware installation

A certified installer will place a measuring device onto your heat pump in order to measure its energy consumption in real time.


Software installation

After we create your account, you can open our cloud-based web app directly on your tablet and mobile devices. The app will automatically adjust to your screen size.
No additional installation is required.


Instant control

Our automated software will start looking for unnecessary consumption immediately. The weather forecast and other data sources will be used to remove unnecessary usage peaks. You will start to see your current heat pump usage (kWh) and consumption cost (€) or switch to the past day, week, or month. You will be able to adjust your usage manually, or leave our software automatically search for optimization possibilities.

Two step pricing

once off cost for hardware and a small monthly fee

Hardware installation

by a certified installer

  • Heat pump smart hub
  • Certified installation
  • Reliable data collection
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Smarter Heat Pump

mobile & tablet web application

€3.25/ mo
  • Real-time consumption insights
  • Real-time costs insights
  • Weather forecast
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